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Who is Venti lover?

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Venti’s allergies to cats are a good indicator of his down-to-earth nature. Venti is an Archon, an all-powerful Archon who is the Seven that Teyvat people pray to. However, he still loves his human form and all the flaws that go with it. On venti you can learn more.

Personality-wise Zhongli is as different from Venti as you can get. They’ll be spending a lot of time together as Archons because they are both Archons.

Despite not being the most likeable characters, they have mutual respect for one another. Venti is a quirky and fun-loving character who loves to make fun of Zhongli and plays pranks on him.

Surprisingly Archons make very little Mora from their work as caretakers and protectors of all Teyvat’s areas. Venti’s high-end drinking habits and this makes him the most poor God in all of Genshin Impact.

Venti’s poverty does not end with his inability to afford wine. Venti sometimes wanders around Mondstadt looking for food because he doesn’t have enough money. He can often be seen singing to passers-by to earn enough Mora to get a bite.