A Growing Number Of Mobile Car Detailers Are Opening Auto Detailing Shops

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After starting my career in auto detailing as a young man, and expanding it to include mobile car washing and truck washing, as well as boat detailing and aircraft cleaning, I can assure you that there is plenty for people who work hard, are honest with their customers, offer great service, charge fair prices, hustle hard and do a good job. There is so much business. You have to grow from a small business to become a successful one. Let’s discuss how to grow your mobile car detailing business into an automotive detail shop.

Someone contacted me recently because they live in a small community where the weather isn’t always kind to their auto detailing business. They now operate primarily from their mobile vehicle. Do you feel like they have too many clients and not enough time to do the job? You know this because you have been in the sector for a while and are doing everything right. He is aware that his employees must be kept busy and earning money. If they don’t, they will find new work. So he must get his business out from the elements and into an actual shop.

One problem is that he can’t afford to rent a building in his area. He also only needs it during certain months of the year. A second problem is that he doesn’t want to sign a 10-year or 5-year lease at the moment, as he also has other ventures. So, one option is to purchase a portable building system. Yes, a portable expandable enclosure. These enclosures are manufactured by several companies. CSS USA is one of them. Their buildings are called the “carcoon workstation” – I mean, car + cocoon. It is cute and funny and works. It works like one of those “jumping parties enclosures” for children. It can be used to drive the car inside and is durable for painting cars, making auto motive repairs and other tasks. It was okay. There was good ventilation.

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