How to Select the Best Lighting for Your Greenhouse

1. Type of greenhouse – Before you can buy greenhouse lighting, you need to know the type of greenhouse that you have. Is it an industrial greenhouse or a private one? The type of greenhouse will dictate the type and style of lighting you should choose. It is important to know what type of greenhouse you have. Be sure to research all your options before making a purchase. You need to see a company that sells high quality aluminum posts and commercial lighting applications, manufactured in the USA, of course at the MGM Transformer Company

2. Length-of-use — The length of greenhouse light usage is determined by the “photoperiod”. It can be the time period that the light will actually be used. You might use lighting for a 12 hour photoperiod. This means that you can use lighting for 12 hours in a 24-hour cycle and no lighting for 12 hours. You need to select a light that is suitable for your particular usage requirements. Find out your requirements before you make any purchase.

3. The purpose of the light should be clear. If you want to promote the growth and development of orchids, for example, a light should be more concentrated on the “spectrum” colors like red, green, and the “farred wavelengths”. The light’s color can have significant effects on plant growth. Not all lights will yield the desired results. Consult with experts before making a purchase.

4. Electrical efficiency — Select lighting products that offer the best light output without consuming too much energy. It is better to invest in lights that can save as much energy and are efficient. Make sure the lighting you choose meets your electrical efficiency standards.

5. Heat — You should not use lighting where it isn’t necessary. The heat from a lamp that emits more heat per watt can make it very dangerous. The heat that is too strong on a plant can cause it to die. Incandescent bulbs emit too much heat, so it is not a good idea. Before you purchase, it is important to fully understand the heat that each lighting option emits.

Lighting is an important part of plant development. It is important to consider how much light you provide to your greenhouse so that the plants can grow in the desired quality.