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7 Steps to Learn Trade Forex 2023

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An internet search is the best way for aspiring traders to find FXCM Markets and apply for a live forex trading account. Problem is, they often end up in places with a lot false promises, bad advice, negativity, and an obsession about indicators. Many EBooks that are available today are filled with outdated concepts or strategies that the authors have never used. Forex trading is not the only way that many authors make their living, but they do sell these EBooks for novice forex traders.

This allows forex guru’s to quickly make easy money by convincing people that trading forex is easy. The truth is that many of these forex gurus make a gross misrepresentation on what it takes trade forex for a living.

Forex Trading is hard. Being a successful forex trader requires dedication. Forex trading can be hard work so it should be taken with the same seriousness as any other career.

These gurus are causing many forex traders to be unrealistically optimistic about their goals. Although it’s fine to be positive, you must have realistic expectations and build solid foundations.

New forex traders often start their career by purchasing a set of secret indicators. They are soon punished for their ignorance. Many forex traders who become disillusioned end up purchasing another set of secret indicators, until they quit trading.

Many successful forex traders, including myself, went through this process. It is not a problem to learn from your errors. To be successful, you have to stop relying on secret indicators/guru methods.

You will be able to help yourself from the start by learning how think for yourself and understanding that although anyone can trade forex successfully, it is not possible to BE a forex Trader.