The Right Catering Service – part of every party

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Catering is a vital part of every party, and you should choose your caterer carefully. What is the process of choosing a caterer to host an event? You should do extensive research and ask for samples before making a decision – additional info?

You must clearly communicate the catering requirements to a caterer in order for them to be able provide you with an estimate. Are you reserving a venue for the event or party and do they have a cooking facility on site? Are you expecting a large number of people to attend your event. Check if a caterer’s minimum requirement is to have guests at the event. You should consider that certain guests will have dietary restrictions and inform your caterer. You want a caterer who is prepared to handle any unexpected situation. But at what price? Ask.

What’s your budget for catering?

Your caterer will be able to provide you with options and discuss your budget. You should ask yourself if you would prefer to have your guests sit at a table for a dinner with silver service or in a more casual buffet setting. Clarify your menu. Do you plan to have an event theme that is reflected by the food? The flexibility with which your caterer can meet your requests may depend on your budget. The type of food is what often dictates the price for the job. You can ask the caterer to provide you with a written contract that outlines the terms of payment and the service.

What shops does the caterer frequent?

Is the food used in recipes fresh or frozen? Are the products grown in your area? Does it contain organic ingredients? Can any of the food be frozen and prepared in advance? Is there anything that comes in a tin? This happens! (Gasp).

Decorating Ideas

Is the caterer able to provide tables and chairs, table linens or decorations? Catering services brochures often include examples of previous events and table decor. Be very specific about your needs for the event and what will be supplied by the caterer. Are guests provided with a board that describes what the food is made of?


Can the catering service provide staff to serve customers? How do they dress? What is their ratio of server to guest? As a rule, one server is needed for every 10 people. Make sure to check with your prospective caterer that taxes and tipping are included.

What do you do with leftovers after the event? A catering service may, on request, create a free food basket for the hostess or host of an event.